Welcome to MEPD: the Medaka Expression Pattern Database.

This database contains Medaka gene expression data, examined through whole mount in situ hybridization or sections. The original database contained in situ data from a library generated by Felix Loosli and Jochen Wittbrodt by isolating mRNA from Medaka in different developmental stages. The library comprises 50000 clones and was sequenced in Singapore.
In addition to gene expression data in the current MEPD we incorporate regulatory sequence expression data. This means expression patterns of promoters and enhancers driving a reporter gene can be also searched for or added to MEPD.

bxdc1 in situ Fam44b enhancer
Ramialison et al. (2012). Cis-regulatory properties of medaka synexpression groups. Development 139, 917-928. Kirchmaier, S. et al. (2013). Efficient site-specific transgenesis and enhancer activity tests in medaka using PhiC31 integrase. Development 140, 4287-4295.

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Alonso-Barba JI, Rahman R-U, Wittbrodt J, Mateo JL. 2015. MEPD: medaka expression pattern database, genes and more. Nucleic Acids Res.
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